About Merlinus Software Solutions

Founded in 1998 in Campbell River, Merlinus Software Solutions serves a diverse clientele on Vancouver Island, the Lower Mainland, and Europe.

We are a small but effective enterprise, driven by owner-programmer Renee Kraft of Campbell River. Renee is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and has more than 25 years of programming experience. Although generally self-contained, the company doesn't always operate alone. If your project needs it, we will team up with other specialists to create your ideal system.

At Merlinus, we listen. Our clients are our project partners, and their expertise is our roadmap. The results are solutions that fit client needs perfectly and require very minimal training. We build intuitive programs for users, not developers. Our custom solutions are meticulously designed, built for longevity and adapt well to growing and changing business needs.

Merlinus performs best when involved in every stage of project development, from defining requirements to completion, offering continual functional and technical support. Most of our solutions are tailored to particular business objectives. Examples include: a supply chain management system for an international LAN cabling manufacturer; a sales and harvest application for an aquaculture company; a web based prospect manager for a solar architectural firm; and countless Windows and web applications for a wide variety of industries and municipal departments.

While size and budget of our custom projects don't demand a full-fledged agile development model, we still apply an agile concept, which means software is built in multiple iterations. This approach uses feedback, rather than planning, as the primary control mechanism and embraces and promotes evolutionary change throughout the entire life-cycle of the project.

Merlinus Software Solutions serves small to medium-sized businesses and provides simple solutions for everyday challenges.