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Bringing your ideas to life –
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Custom software - fitting all the components together

Sometimes out-of-the-box software is all you need. But sometimes it just isn't.
One-size-fits-all "solutions" may require you to change your established processes and workflows, complicating routine tasks, forcing steep learning curves, creating confusion among cross functional teams and may still be missing some critical features.

Intuitive, efficient, and reliable solutions that allow your business to grow and adapt to your requirements while eliminating mundane tasks is the key to any successful business.

Don’t let your software stunt your business growth. Let it flourish with a custom solution from Merlinus.

Responsive web design - the flexible answer

Your website looks great on a large monitor. But how about smartphones and tablets?

Stand out with a website that is attractive, automatically adjusts to any screen size, and is easy to read and easy use – even with big fingers on a tiny smartphone screen. See some current examples on our portfolio page.

Do you need a database or shopping cart? Want to update content on your site yourself? Internet or intranet - we will cover it all.

Technologies that help us get the job done

Are you looking for specific expertise? Here are some of the tools we are most proficient with:

  • Microsoft Access
  • VB.NET, C#
  • Microsoft Excel
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • MS SQL Server, T-SQL
  • VBA, VBScript
  • Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation
  • Fishtalk (API)

News and recent projects